More Than Words

Sometimes a book title says it all. More than Wordsby Jill Santopolo is truly just that. This novel is filled with raw emotions, that for me, hit extremely close to home. I am an emotional reader (and am emotional person) and this one had me in tears for many chapters. Her loss was similar to what I have been struggling with the past two months of 2019. We recently lost my grandfather (my mother’s father) early in January very suddenly, followed by my grandmother (my father’s mother) on February 1st. Two people in my family that I am been close with. I say am close with because I have to believe that they are still with me even if they are not physically by my side.  As I picked up this novel, I knew from prior reads by Santopolo I would most likely be filled with emotions and sometimes that is just what you need.


The main character Nina suffers a great loss, losing her father to due to illness far too soon. She is thrown into a state of sadness while also being very aware of what will now be expected of her. Her family legacy is tied to Gregory hotels, that she will now be taking over. She is coming to a realization that she is now alone with no immediate family. She does have her boyfriend and longtime best friend Tim and his family. Tim’s parents were in business for Nina’s father and were her parents long time best friends.

Shortly after her father’s passing Nina discovers her father still owned a house in upstate New York that had been her mother’s getaway. She decides a night away from the city would be good for her. She heads up there to discover it basically untouched since her childhood. Searching thru old memories in the home she discovers a letter from her mother to her father explaining that she knew of his affair and that she knows he did not end it. That was also the night her mother died in a car accident.

Nina’s whole world is now shifting as she questions everything she has known and stood for over her life. The way she had her whole life planned out the way her father would have approved of and how her father had molded her thru her life. Now she can let go and become her own women. She is strong, smart and ready to take on her new challenges.

A beautifully written emotionally packed novel that you don’t want to miss. I would give this one five stars (ten if I could). 

More Than Words

By: Jill Santopolo 

Putman Publishing 


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