Five Feet Apart

As each month start I look forward to the announcements of book club selections for the various book clubs I read with. Well February didn’t disappoint, and for the first time in about four or five months I was excited for each and every one of the selections. I was eager to dive into them, and my first selection was without a doubt the perfect combination of emotions and uplifting hope that I needed during the start of this year.

I choose to start my month with Five Feet Apartby Rachael Lippincott, a story about the lives of Stella and Will and how they handle living every day with the struggles of CF (cystic fibrosis). This was not a topic I had much knowledge of going into this (and let’s be honest I still have minimal knowledge) but Lippincott was able to showcase small issues that affect a person with CF on a day to day basis. 

Some things I learned from reading was that people who have CF cannot be within six feet of other CF patients. This must be one of the most incredibly hardest things to implement in their lives. When you think of others who have health issues they are able to seek support from others with similar conditions. Yet, a CF patient can’t really go into many situations like this due to their condition. Of course, online has made it a bit easier for us to connect, but sometimes this is just not the same. This is the relationship that Stella, the main character of the book, has with Poe. Poe and Stella have been in the same hospital together on and off for years and have developed a great friendship. They are able to skype, talk on the phone and are able to keep their six feet distance within the hospital environment. 

When a new patient is introduced into the picture Stella begins to feel things she never has before. Thru her will to want to fix and help everyone in their treatments she is able to get Will to open up and fall for her. They develop a relationship that pushes the boundaries of their CF by breaking the rules and keeping five feet apart vs the six feet recommended to CF patients. 

In a twist at the end Stella and Will must take the hardest step they ever have and distance themselves completely. 

If you are looking for an emotionally gripping, teenage romance story this would be one to pick up. It reminded me lightly of John Green’s, The Fault in Our Stars

I gave this one a Four-star rating. 

Five Feet Apart 

By: Rachael Lippincott 

Simon & Schuster


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