The Night Olivia Fell

A heartbreaking story of losing someone to soon. Abi Knight, mother to Olivia, is woken in the night about her daughter.  This is every mothers’ biggest fear as she soon finds out that her daughter has had an accident and is brain dead. To make matters worse the doctors are telling Abi that Olivia is pregnant, so she is unable to be taken off of life support. As she is sitting by her daughter in the hospital she brings to the attention of the doctors and nurses that there are unnatural bruises on her wrists. 

As time continues by it seems to Abi that no one on the police department is really taking the case seriously. She also realizes that they have dropped the ball on the investigation by not searching for her phone, computer or digging into any of the days leading up to the suspected murder. Abi takes it into her own hands with the help of Anthony an investigator from Seattle to uncover what really happened to Olivia.

While the story bounces back and forth between the past to present and Abi to Olivia you get a sense of the relationship between them. You also get the sense that Olivia feels that a small white lie or omission of facts can keep everyone happy. She doesn’t break up with her boyfriend right away out of fear that he is already sad and depressed due to his parents’ divorce. She doesn’t tell her best friend she is dating and in love with her brother. She doesn’t tell her mother she is searching out and has found out who her biological father is. This leaves the list of potential suspects who could have caused her fall. 

If you enjoy a story that keeps you changing theories and guessing right up until the end then you will love this one. 

The Night Olivia Fell 

By: Christina McDonald 

Simon & Schuster 

February 5, 2019 

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