An Honest Review

Over the last few years of building my review reputation I have grown not only in my writing, but also in my thought process. I think when you start on this journey you want to make everyone happy in hopes that they will continue to want to work with you. 

There are so many questions that bounce thru your head when you go to write a review. What if I didn’t enjoy the story? What if it just wasn’t a genre I typically enjoy? What if the way the author writes doesn’t translate well in my mind? What if you are approached to do a review for a genre you don’t typically read? 

These are all very real, very honest questions you need will ask yourself thru this journey! For myself I keep a running and every changing list of genres I enjoy, specific PR agencies who work within the genres and with authors you enjoy and similar authors you are open to discovering. Building these relationships are great and so helpful within this industry as is in most industries. 

The next things I look for are the lists that arrive listing what books they are working to promote. Sometimes you are asked to select which books from a list you would be interested in reading and reviewing. Let me tell you straight up……. You do not have to say yes to everything! Especially when you are starting out do not overwhelm yourself by taking on to many at once. 

A negative review

Now this was something I was so hesitant to give a bad review. What if this causes people to not want to work together? What if I get push back from others about it? 

Well you know what…. Not every book is going to be everyone’s cup of tea. You are being reached out to give honest reviews so if you don’t give an honest review then you are not doing your part. The first time I ever wrote a review that was 1 star I was so hesitant to post it. I knew it was not the popular opinion, but it was mine. My opinion was what I was being asked for so that’s what I gave.  

Just trust yourself and your instincts. Be honest and open with what you accept and what you write. 

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