Sophie Last Seen

Sophie was a strange child. She had an unnatural obsession with birds which she researched and memorized constantly. She also compares any human she meets to the type of bird they most closely act like. She is always filling bird feeders all around the yard of their home, so the birds are continually drawn to her. They also bring little knickknacks she sees as gifts from the birds. 

Sophie then mysteriously disappears from the local shopping mall while she is shopping with her mother. The investigation became a cold case due to lack of evidence and no leads to continue. 

As the years go by her mother Jesse continues to collect items and trash that she is deeming potential evidence in the case that has been cold for so long. She is not giving up hope that she will find out what happened to her daughter. Her husband has left her and began a new life with a new wife, her daughters best friend has become distant and is lashing out and harming herself due to stress and hallucinations of her friend.

Together Jesse and Star begin to uncover little things that may lead to finding out what happened to Sophie. 

If you enjoy a good mystery with light twists this would be one you would enjoy. 

Sophie Last Seen 

By: Marlene Adelstein 

Red Adept Publishing 

November 2018 

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