The Wartime Sisters

The Wartime Sisters 

Sisterly rivalry, jealousy and possibly some relationship drama is just what I expected from The Wartime Sisters.This was all huge parts of this story, but it was so much more. It was not only about blood sisters, but those friends we surround ourselves with, and how during hard times can be so important. 

Ruth and Millie are sisters who grew up in NY. Their mother treated them so differently while they grew up causing a split and jealousy between them. She saw Ruth as the smart, studious, yet not very attractive child which were qualities she deemed necessary in life to succeed. Millie was the beautiful sister who her mother always insisted would marry a wealthy man and be taken care of thru her life. Her parent’s dreams for Millie are thrown off track as she begins dating Lenny, a high school dropout who has no motivation for life, work or to become a secure person for himself or for Millie. Her father sees this as her rebelling against her parents and figures it will run its course while her mother is incredibly vocal about her distaste for this man.  

After their parent’s untimely deaths, Millie marries Lenny, while Ruth moves to Springfield, MA with her husband to a military post. 

Five years later Millie writes to her sister that she and her son need a place to live now that Lenny is gone. The two sisters have had minimal contact over the time apart, but upon arrival Ruth can tell that life has not been kind to Millie. She helps Millie to attain a job in the factory, so she can earn her way. 

Millie holds secrets of her life with Lenny close to herself until he shows up unannounced demanding money or the ring that he had proposed to Millie with. This ring however is a family heirloom to Millie and Ruth and they are determined not to give it up. 

In a twist of fate Millie finds herself surrounded by strong women on the base who are watching out for her as Lenny continues to get the ring back. 

This novel really brings a light to the relationships built between women during hard times. Family is not always just those related by blood, but those we choose to bring into our circles in life. 

The Wartime Sisters 

By Lynda Cohen Loigman 

January 22, 2019 

St. Martin’s Press 

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