Best Day Ever

best day eer


From the outside looking in Mia and Paul seem to be a perfect family. They have two young sons, Paul has a great career that allows Mia to stay home and raise their children. They have a summer home that was part of their dream. Yet if Mia is suffering internally at the emotional manipulation and abuse of her husband.

Paul has a very dark side within a world he has created within his head. He can be classified as a psychopath. He has created an elaborate, well thought out plan to create the best day ever for his darling wife. They are having their first weekend away without the kids at their lake house. He has every intention of ending his marriage. Well not really ending his marriage but ending his wife.

In an incredibly shocking turn of events Mia has a plan of her own, and her plan is much more thought out then his. She is always one and sometimes two steps ahead of Paul.


This was such a captivating and thrilling unexpected story. I started out thinking, “ok the husband is crazy, something is going to happen,” but I never saw the change of events and change of course coming in any way.



Best Day Ever

By: Kaira Rouda

Graydon House Books

Free copy VIA Get Red PR

Publication August 21, 2018

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