she was the quiet one

she was the quiet one

She was the Quiet one by Michele Campbell


High school can be some of the hardest years for some. You are growing into who you are and discovering the person you want to become, but for Rose and Bel Enright life has never been easy and their paths are taking a new turn. Their mother has recently passed away and they are entrusted into the only living relative, their fathers mother. A woman who is wealthy and lives in New England. She is able to get them into a prestigious boarding school, Odell Academy where their lives take a deadly turn.

Rose finds her place in the school quickly. She feels that she can express herself in classes and be who she always dreamed of. She is appreciated for her scholastic achievements. She has a great advisor, Sarah, who is a former Odell alumnus as well as married to Heath who is determined to become the headmaster someday.

Bell finds it easy to fit in with the upper class, mean girls who seem to rule the school.  She continues to get herself into bad situations and is not successful academically. She finds herself drawn physically to her advisor Heath who is finding himself attracted to her as well. When she is caught in a situation that may lead to her expulsion he helps her devise a plan to get her off.

In a violent turn of events Rose finds her sister murdered in the woods after receiving a message from her to meet out there. As the prime suspect in her sisters murder she must work hard to discover the truth. Sarah also begins to suspect that Heath may have been involved. She is torn between her gut feelings and her want to trust her husband.

Michele Campbell has created a captivating story of how our actions have sometimes unforeseeable consequences. I would recommend also picking up her debut novel It’s Always the Husband available now.

Happy Reading!

She Was the Quiet One 

By: Michele Campbell

St. Martins Press 

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