How to Walk Away

how to walk away


You can have it all, the perfect boyfriend (soon to be fiancé), the perfect possible job and family. Yet, it can all be gone just as quickly. For Margaret Jacobson that is exactly what happened.  Living most of her life with an incredible fear of planes she has managed to avoid them at almost every turn. Her boyfriend/fiancé Chip, who is well aware of this fact, is adamant she must overcome her fears as he is finishing up getting his pilot’s license. For their Valentine’s Day plans he surprises her with a flight, flown by him where he finally proposes.

Once up in the air every fear of Maggie’s is reached. Wind blows the plane in a bad direction and down they go. This crash is everything she has feared all her life. She wakes up in the hospital not sure of how bad her injuries are. She is paralyzed from the waist down, and has to begin her physical therapy, where she is assigned to the strict, unrelenting therapist Ian, a dashingly handsome Scottish man with an incredibly strong accent.

As she struggles with her new reality, Maggie feels as though she is losing everything, but is she really being set on a path to something better? They do say when one door closes another one opens, and the doors that Maggie is presented with are more fulfilling and beautiful then even she could ever have hoped for.

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center, is a beautifully written novel of life, loss and becoming who we are meant to be. A beauty that sometimes comes out of the darkest times in our lives.


How to Walk Away

By: Katherine Center

St. Martins Press, 2018

Book Of the Month May 2018

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