The Last Time I Lied

last time i lied

Riley Sager is an author who I had just discovered last year reading the debut novel Final Girlsabout a group of women who were all the lone survivors in brutal massacres throughout the years. I have always been a fan of a good thriller and this one did not disappoint. Then this past April I was sent an ARC from @NetGallery with Sager’s newest novel The Last Time I Lied.

Things in life especially early on tend to shape and have an impact on how we live our lives. For Emma the troubles from her teenage years are always surrounding her haunting her at every turn. When she thinks back on her one partial summer spent at Camp Nightingale she can’t help but feel that there are so many unanswered questions.

Her three bunkmates Natalie, Allison and Vivian, the ringleader, all mysteriously disappeared one morning from camp never to be heard from again. Emma still thinks of them often and over the years as she has jumped into her art the three girls somehow manage to sneak into all of her work. She first draws them Vivian, Natalie and Allison, in that order, then creates her works over their bodies.

When Emma is approached many years later about joining the old team for the reopening of Camp Nightingale as the art teacher she gives in and returns to where all her troubles started. She is assigned as the bunk leader of the same cabin she had resided during that summer.

As the weeks progress she feels as though something is throwing her off. She sets out with little clues from Vivian to discover what had happened and how the girls disappeared without a trace.

A story filled with twists, turns and suspense. One you will not want to miss.


The Last time I Lied

By: Riley Sager

Dutton Books 2018

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