all we ever wanted

All we ever wanted

Many of us know the struggles of being a teenager, in high school struggling to find their place. Asking questions of ourselves every day. Where do I fit in? Over analyzing every move and decision we make as if it will shape the rest of our lives. Some of these decisions do affect us and help to shape who we become and how we handle situations in life.

All we ever wantedby Emily Giffin gives a glimpse into the high school lives of Lyla and Finch who are from very opposite sides of the neighborhood. Lyla is being raised by her father, Tom a hardworking carpenter who is doing all he can to be a great father to Lyla and give her all her can.

Finch is from a wealthy family with his mother Nina who has some demons of her own she is constantly battling. Her husband is condescending, manipulative and is constantly lying to her. She believes he is a harmful influence on their son.

At a party one-night Finch captures a photo of Lyla passed out on a bed, with her shirt pulled up and revealing one of her breasts. He sends this image to some of his friends and eventually the image makes its way back to Lyla, whose father discovers it. Tom brings this to the attention of their headmaster at school and demands the schools honor board take this seriously to discipline the boy.

Nina, Finch’s mother also agrees that he needs to be punished. She knows what its like to be taken advantage of and she is ashamed that her son was involved in the situation. Finch confides in Lyla that his ex-girlfriend Polly actually took the photo from his phone and sent it out because she discovered that Finch had a crush on her. Lyla must now figure out who to trust, who is lying to her and how she can turn the situation around.

As always Emily Giffin has a way of creating a world you feel drawn into and is extremely relatable to the reader. Thank you to Net Gallery for the ARC and my opportunity to enjoy this amazing novel before it was released.


I hope you go pick up a copy to add to the summer reading list!

All we ever wanted

By: Emily Giffin

Ballantine Books an imprint of Random House publishing 2018




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