The Way of Beauty

way of beauty

Every month I am lucky enough to be a part of an incredible community of readers primarily thru my Instagram handle @amylynnlifestyle   One of the first online book groups I joined last year was @SaltwaterReads  a fabulous community of readers run by two fabulous ladies. Each month they select a new book for us all to enjoy together. Whimcial, romantic, thrillers and all there is no genre off limits. With each passing month the selections are top notch.

It has expanded my reading range and brought some new amazing authors onto my shelves.

For the month of June, the selection is The Way of Beauty by Camille Di Maio. A beautifully written historical fiction novel. It was the first novel I have read by Di Maio and I am positive to say it will certainly not be my last.



A story of life and love. Vera at a young age falls in love with her close friend Angelo. Yet, Angelo has always seen Vera as a younger sister. Vera struggle to keep her feelings to herself, while becoming the caretaker to William, the son of Angelo’s new wife Pearl.

Pearl is a strong woman fighting for the rights of women, this ends up costing her life while she has left William in the custody and care of his aunt Vera. The Pinkington family, Pearl’s grandmother and parents, set out to regain custody of Will with their money and connections this is no hard feat.

Vera and Angelo after all the time has passed and Angelo has returned from the war, with an injury that left him minus one leg, but finally Angelo and Vera are together. Their life is one filled with love and honesty and the addition of their daughter Alice brings such joy!

Alice is a hardworking woman who is passionate about art and the beauty of New York. Her heart is torn between two very different loves. Emit is an indescribable pull of passion and excitement, but also filled with mystery and secrets. William (yes, the William) is steady, loving, with a heart of gold. He wants to give Alice and her parents, who he has always considered family, every comfort he himself has.

This is an amazing story of love, growth, and a coming of age story that gives you a nostalgic feeling of the simpler times. The beauty of development and the tragedy of what was lost fighting the good fight.


I hope you enjoy this beautiful story.

The Way Of Beauty

By: Camille Di Maio

Lake Union publishing 2018

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