The Secret to Southern Charm


southern charm

With signs of spring in the air (minus the New England snow that won’t go away) I was finally able to get my hands on an ARC from an incredible author who you have heard me talk about last year. Kristy Woodson Harvey the author of Slightly South of Simple has a new novel the sequel publishing today, The Secret to Southern Charm.



This second book continues to follow Ansley, the mother of three grown daughters as she navigates having them all living back with her. She is also handling the health decline of her own mother, her childhood love jack has purchased the house next door, Jack also happens to be the father of Ansley’s two eldest children whom are unaware.

Carolyn is working thru her marriage problems as her husband purchased the house down the road, so she would be able to stay close to her family as they help Sloane to handle the news that her husband is MIA overseas. And to make matters worse Emerson the youngest is putting off doctors’ appointments to determine what is going on with her health.

Together they find themselves dependent on their mother and their mother dependent upon her girls to get thru some of the hardest times of their lives.



If you are a fan of stories about sisters, family and staying strong together then this is a story for you. Be prepared to be captivated by Ansley and the love she has for her girls.


Happy Reading!

The Secret To Southern Charm

By: Kristy Woodson Harvey

Gallery Books

Pub: April 3, 2018

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