Short and Sweet Romance


The Firefighter’s Perfect Plan by Sonya Weiss follows Josie a small town freelance photographer/videographer who is living in her hometown surrounded by friends. She has a strange and limited relationship with her family, her mother is unintentionally cruel to her without even realizing it. Then enter Lincoln her longtime “friend” and light romantic interest. He is a local firefighter and hometown hero. Josie has told a little white lie to her mother that she and Lincoln had been dating, broke up and are now trying to work out their issues.

She pitches the situation to Lincoln who is hesitant and laughing to play along. As their fake relationship continues to escalate and the lies are dug deeper with the pushing of Lincoln’s family who absolutely adore Josie they find that their feelings for each other have been growing for years.

A romantic story that ends with love, commitment and the joy of family.



The Firefighter’s Perfect Plan

By: Sonya Weiss

Entangled Publishing, LLC

March 12, 2018

ARC Courtesy of Net Gallery

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