The Portrait of Molly Dean

molly dean

There are stories that draw you in by the theme, location or the topics it covers, but its always heartwarming to me to find a book that makes you care and you feel so invested in the characters. The Portrait of Molly Dean by Katherine Kovacic is one of those novels that keeps you invested.


You are destined to feel the loyalty Alex, a local art dealer, has for Molly Dean. She is determined to solve a 70-year-old mystery that had been covered up. Alex has her eyes set on a portrait of Molly Dean painted by her then lover before she was brutally murdered in the thirties. She was a woman who was breaking out of the norm for her time. A determined woman who wants to dedicate herself to become a journalist and writer. She finds herself in a troubled position as her social profile subject becomes more dangerous. The more she digs the more she finds she is putting herself in an unsafe place.

Alex continues to dig deeper finding road blocks at every turn. The police and coroner documents have mysteriously disappeared, the investigation in the 30’s had been very minimal, finding only one suspect who was promptly released, and all charges were dropped the day preceding the trial.

With twists and turns at every turn this book will keep you on your toes while also becoming protective of Molly as well.


*This novel was an ARC from Net Gallery for an honest review.


The Portrait of Molly Dean

By: Katherine Kovacic @Katherine.kovacic 

Echo A Division of Bonnier Publishing Austrailia

Publication Date March 1, 2018

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