Single State of Mind

single state of mind


I am unsure of how to even start writing this review for Single State of Mind by Andi Dorfman. As writing a review for a book that was not one that is a favorite and one I wouldn’t recommend to my fellow readers.


I had been one of those Bachelor and Bachelorette fans up until recently. Guess I just outgrew the drama and the amount of noticeable people going on purely to travel and be “famous.” I had watched Andi as she ventured thru her two seasons with admiration for this strong independent woman who seemed to have such a put together perfect life. (I know no one is perfect) So needless to say I was excited when she announced her first novel, It’s Not Okay, which I enjoyed for the dirt of her time on the show and her journey thru love and heartbreak.

So when her second novel came out I was just as excited. Here is where my dilemma comes into play. I hate to say that this second book Single State of Mind was nothing like what I expected.

Within the first five chapters I knew it was not going to be what I though, but as a fan I pushed forward hoping there was some inspirational, words of wisdom coming at the end. Yet, none were found.

Moving to a new city is a huge change and bravo to Andi for doing it. It takes a lot of strength to do it and I applaud her for that. As the book starts she is venting on and on about how she can’t seem to afford the luxurious living accommodations she is accustomed to. I mean real estate in Atlanta VS. New York is a whole different ball game. In the midst of all this she decides to spend around $800 on a Burberry jacket? Seriously?

Thru the chapters she continues to the tell tales of dating in the city. Her expectation that she seems to hold men to as she is dating seems highly unrealistic when it comes to looks. Any man she dates she seems to form an instant opinion on them just based on looks alone. If they are hot then based on her book, they seem to have a pretty good chance at getting to know her very well. For someone who for two full seasons was trying to find love this is not what I expected from her dating life. Of course having your heart broken with a large audience of people interested in your love life would definitely affect future dating.

I am sure Andi is a strong, independent women, but this book just wasn’t my glass of wine (which she seems to drink constantly in excess.)

However, cheers to you Andi, as a reader the writing is a step up from you’re first novel. So cheers to that!


**Disclaimer: This is one hundred percent my own views and personal opinions.


Happy Reading!

Single State of Mind

By: Andi Dorfman

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