A Certain Age

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Now who doesn’t enjoy a fabulous historic New York society story? Well if you do as much as I do then A Certain Age by Beatriz Williams is for you. An story that depicts a time when women were beginning to break out of their shells and create change and a time when women were making the decision to not marry and to get jobs of their own.


This story is told in duel perspective thru the voices of Theresa Marshall, old New York society money, who married Sylvo a wealthy businessman. They have been married for many years with an arrangement that has helped them to make it so many years. Theresa has a lover Octavian, who is a mid twenties veteran.

The second perspective comes from Sophie Fortescue, whose father “the patent King” who is new money. Her mother had passed when both her and Virgo her sister were very young. Sophie finds herself engaged to Ox, who just so happens to be Theresa’s brother, the eternal bachelor who is primarily interested in Sophie due to her father’s wealth.

Ox who believes in family traditions utilized Octavian as his cavalier in proposing and protecting his love Sophie, but no one could have expected how their story would unfold to be so intertwined.

The choices between obligations, family, and love have never been more difficult.


If you were a fan of fiction with a historical twist then this would be a book for you.

Happy Reading everyone!


A Certain Age 

By: Beatriz Williams 2017

Publisher: William Morrow

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