As Bright As Heaven


bright as heaven


Have you ever read a book that seems to stay with you for longer then you anticipate? A book that shakes you to the core creates a pool of emotions from happiness to tears.

As Bright As Heaven by Susan Meissner is one of the novels that pushes forward all these emotions. It is a book that strikes every emotional chord in your body. It is so real and raw with characters that are filled with depth. They grow within the pages to have their own personalities, lives and pure beauty. The love of family knows no bounds.



The story is told thru the dialogue and perspectives of Pauline Bright and her three daughters Evelyn, Maggie and Willa. The family relocates to the city so their father can work under the guidance of his Uncle who owns and operates a funeral home that he intends to leave to his nephew. This was at the start of the Great War and their father decides to volunteer as a medic shortly after their arrival.

As the war progresses the Spanish flu begins to spread thru the troops and then takes hold of the cities as well. As the flu continues claiming lives quicker then they can count, the Bright family finds themselves in the midst of loss.

As Maggie and her mother are visiting the sick and delivering food to the poor area of the city, Maggie discovers a home with a deceased mother and a young daughter who was on the brink of deaths door. She also discovers that what drew her to the home was an infant boy, untouched by the flu. She saves the infant boy from the house and her and her mother bring the child back with them.

As the years go by and the family suffers deep loss, love and discovery of there own selves the author creates a world that is not only emotional, but relatable as well.

In a twist of fate Evelyn discovers the link between one of her patients and the baby, who has not grown into a darling toddler. The lives of Bright family turn to turmoil as they battle their conscious against right and wrong.


I can’t express to you how this book hit each and every emotion within my being. It is a novel that stays with you in the midst of your mind for days following the ending. For me that is a rare occurrence, but also one that you want to recommend to everyone you pass in the streets.


I hope anyone who reads it experiences the same emotions and love for this book as I did.

Happy Reading!

As Bright As Heaven

By: Susan Meissner

Publication date: February 6th, 2018


Imprint of Penguin Random House LLC

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