Valentine Kisses


valentine kisses

We all know that February is an interesting month. You have made it thru the first month of the New Year, you may or may not have lapsed on your resolutions and the holiday approaching is one people either love or dislikes. Yes we all know what it is…. Valentine’s Day! Where many celebrate love, while some take the day as any old day and make no fuss.

For me Valentine’s Day means some romantic love stories. Holiday reads have become some of my favorites. I am big on holidays that celebrate family, love and religions so having great reads to accompany them is icing on the cake!

This past week I was sent an ARC Kindle read from NetGallery called Valentine Kisses by Ann B. Harrison (pub date 2/5/18) and I was thrilled to have my first Valentines holiday read. It was one of those novels that you start reading and become so invested in the main characters that you can’t help but fly thru to the end.



Bella, a celebrity chef who had won the on the show Master Chef is pushed into taking a six month vacation when her manager thinks she is heading towards a burn out or breakdown. This brings Bella to Cherry Lake where her sister owns an inn that is in the beginning stages of remodeling. Within her first twenty four hours in Cherry Lake she has taken over the kitchen of the inn to use to test the recipes for her next upcoming cookbook.

The following day as Bella starts out her cooking the ancient stove causes a grease fire that brings the handsome firefighter Jake to the rescue. Jake a single father who happens to be the son of the man who owns the cabin Bella is renting for her stay has no knowledge of Bella’s celebrity and befriends her quickly.

As their relationship grows and love takes over both are torn between the two worlds. Bella is due to go back to the city at the end of the six months while Jake struggles with the celebrity of it all and his obligations to his son.

Can love really conquer all?

Check out Valentine Kisses coming February 5th 2018 to find out.


Happy Reading!

Valentine Kisses

By Ann B. Harrison

Publication Date: February 5th 2018

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