The Wife Between Us


wife between us

After a crazy and hectic holiday season, January has come as such a relief to finally be able to get back on a writing schedule as well as a reading schedule! It did take a bit longer then I had anticipate as week one of January took me out at the knees with what we all dread during the winter in New England…… the Flu. It was awful and long and not only pushed me to bed to rest but had me sleeping for three straight days. Needless to say getting ahead on my TBR list that I am so excited to dive into didn’t happen right away. Well that’s life it lifts you up and sometimes it just knocks you down.

So while I was on my beautiful family vacation to Bermuda last week (still was not feeling well sadly) I was able to take time and dive into my reading list. One of the books that had been in my carry on, which I packed two weeks in advance thankfully, was The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. This also happens to be the book selection for the @Saltwaterreads book club thru Instagram. If you have not checked them out yet please do. It’s an amazing group of readers and their monthly selections have been incredible.



I really don’t want to give anything away because this plot has so many twists and turns right up until the final paragraph.

Nellie was married to Richard and had the picture perfect marriage, from the outside. Richard was successful, supported Nellie so she could stay home. They have a beautiful home in the suburbs and Nellie needs for not.

Looks are not what they appear as Nellie soon finds out. The story then bounces to post divorce when Nellie is now attempting to warn Emma, Richard’s new fiancé, of his behavior and violent tendencies if she is not the picture perfect wife.

In the end there are many shocking revelations that will throw you for a loop.


If you were a fan of novels such as The Girl on the Train, The Lying Game or Final Girls then you will love this as well.

Happy Reading everyone!

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