The Husband Hour


husband hour boo


This gripping novel by Jamie Brenner was sent to me as a result of winning an advance reader copy thru an Instagram @amylynnlifestyle contest late last month. So this had to be my first read of 2018. I couldn’t have been luckier then to have the opportunity to read this before many, and I will say for everyone who wants to read this in April…. It is worth the wait!



Lauren Kincaid finds herself a young widow after her formerly professional hockey player, turned army ranger husband Rory Kincaid is killed in action over seas. Lauren falls into a deep depression and moves out to her family’s beach house year round to be alone without anyone to push her to “move on.” She also wants to avoid the press and the people who are interested in using her husband’s life for a movie or documentary.

Four years later she finds herself, and what she has come to think of as her home, now invaded by her mother, sister and young nephew. Her father also is there but is traveling pretty frequently. She is also approached by filmmaker Matt Brio about being interviewed for a documentary he is producing about the affects of concussions on athletes and soldiers. He finds her husband a perfect case study since he was both.

As the summer unfolds and Lauren starts to open up and finally talk with her sister, mother and even Matt she finally admits some of her demons as well as discovering that her sister, father and mother also hold secrets she never would have imagined.


This is a story of overcoming grief, guilt and the ability to move on after a horrible event, and having the strength to push forward. If you have ever had the pleasure to read a novel by Jamie Brenner then I know you will love this next novel.


Happy Reading!


The Husband Hour by: Jamie Brenner @JamieBrennerAuthor

Coming in April 2018

Little, Brown and Company @Littlebrown


*Disclosure: this is not a paid review, but my own views and opinions.

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