Mr. Dickens and his Carol

*Late Holiday post! I had been so incredibly sick with the Flu for over a week leading right up to my first family vacation in over 15 years. So to say I’m a little behind this month is an understatement, but we all know life happens and we have to keep rolling with the punches! So here is my holiday book final post.


Mr. Dickens and his Carol by: Samantha Silva

mr dickens


As the 2017 Holiday season came to an end I wanted to hold onto the feelings of the season so picking up Mr. Dickens and his Carol by Samantha Silva. I had seen it floating around my Instagram feed and was very curious and intrigued to read this one. So I did it. I pulled up my Amazon app and hit the Buy Now button! (Isn’t that button incredible!)



A historical fiction novel about Charles Dickens as he creates and writes the Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol. Dickens battles the stresses of the holiday season as well as the arrival of a new baby added to his family amidst financial struggles he has kept from his family. He is the supported of not only his immediate family, but also his brother and father as well.

The story of a man who is battling internal struggles to embrace the holiday spirit and an author who takes inspiration for his characters in the people he meets. With all these struggles he becomes his main character, Scrooge, as he proceeds to develop his own narrative.


This was a story with an ending that caught me by surprise and brought tears to my eyes. A story that, similar to A Christmas Carol, evokes emotions and really gets you to remember the meaning of the Holidays and love of family. One that will continue to live on my shelf for holiday seasons to come.

Happy Reading!

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