What’s on Your Shelf?

As 2017 came to an end I began noticing a trend throughout my Instagram feed from my fellow readers. It was such an incredible year of publications by so many authors old and new that have begun to fill my shelves. As my TBR (to be read) shelf continues to fill I am now stuck in the in between of lets tackle the shelf which sounds like an easy task.

Yet as January 2018 has begun it has started as a great publication month, incredible choices from @BookoftheMonth club, reading groups and ARC I feel like I am stuck. So now is the time to plan and tackle some of this shelf.

Game On!

-Each month I average around 5-8 books

-Typically 2 Audible books as well (I drive a lot for work)



Every other book I read will be from the TBR Shelf


January has a few additional things going for it:

Vacation! I will be away for six days in Bermuda with my intentions being pure relaxation. For me that is reading, sunshine, spa and some outdoor activities. I plan to bring around 4 books with me and my Ipad with my Kindle app as back up. This vacation could be my jump-start to that shelf.

Snow days! We have one blizzard in New England already today in fact. So that leaves me an entire day to lounge around doing what I do best. Bet you can guess. Reading! That is the best part of New England during the winter is the occasional snow days.


So Cheers to a wonderful 2018 filled with many new reads and continuing to grow this page!

Happy Reading as we start the New Year!

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