Welcome to Winter Street

What is better then the Holidays in New England? Maybe the Holidays on Nantucket?

Every year I look forward to the new Holiday novels that will be published. This year was one I was extremely excited for. Best selling author Elin Hilderbrand is, as many of you know one of my favorite authors to read. Every year for the past three years this time of year has been excitement of the Winter Street series novel launching. This year was a bittersweet launch. The final book within the series, Winter Solstice launched excitement yet sadness to have the final novel within the series.

Winter Street, Winter Stroll, Winter Storms and Winter Solstice take you on a journey into the lives of the Quinn family. Kelley Quinn and his wife Mitzy own the Winter Street Inn on Nantucket and share Kelley’s youngest son Bart. Kelley’s ex wife Margaret Quinn share children Patrick, Kevin and Ava. Throughout the four books you follow the ups and downs of love, relationships, weddings, and tragedies.

This series also includes some of the most monumental events that occur on the island of Nantucket each year. The winter stroll is an amazing start of holiday themed events on the island. Many of the older and larger homes decorate to their holiday best while restaurants and local businesses host events as well. Its an event that people come back year after year to join in the festivities.

This series is a wave of emotions and incredibly well written. It brings to life the spirit of the Holiday season and the joy that family brings even thru the hard times.


Holiday Note:

This series also makes a great holiday gift for the friend who loves to read!

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