Lie to Me

It’s rare these days for a book to pull me in from page one. I typically attribute this to my constant reading. Each time I finish a novel I instantly have ten more (or more) to choose from. Yet against these odds this one surpassed them all. One of my reading groups @Saltwaterreads thru Instagram selected J. T. Ellison’s novel Lie to Me as the pick for November.


            Ethan is working with the police to track down his wife Sutton after she leaves a note that she needs time away. After less then a day of searching and reaching out to her friends he decides to contact the authorities. This leads to both Ethan and the police uncovering details and lies that have been building for years.

Both characters are published authors who struggle with the competition between them. Ellison has brought you right into the troubles within their marriage and how they have progressively grown and cut thru the relationship. You feel like you know the characters and each time you think you know what will happen next you are thrown another loop.

A novel that keeps you guessing at every turn of the page!

Happy Reading!

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