Halloween Read

For the month of October the Reese Witherspoon book club selection was a new relesase by Alice Hoffman titled The Rules of Magic. This story is a prequel to another novel by Alice Hoffman titled Practical Magic, which you may have seen in film back in the late 90’s. This story follows siblings Frannie, Jet and Vincent who have abilities beyond normal. They grew up in New York with parents who were very protective of their children with an effort in trying to deter their abilities. When Frannie receives an invitation to spend the summer with their aunt in Massachusetts Jet and Vincent decide to tag along. It turned into a summer that changed the course of their lives by learning about their family curse in love.

The novel follows the lives of each of these siblings as they grow thru love and loss. You see how family can be so important as well as following your heart in love. One quote that resonated with me was, “the only remedy for love, is to love more.” No matter how much you lose it is better to have loved then not at all.

This was my first Alice Hoffman read but would love more recommendations from everyone! In the comments below please let me know your favorite Alice Hoffman novel or a novel/author that is similar?

Happy Reading everyone!

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