The Identicals


I for years now have been a fan of a New England local author Elin Hilderbrand. She writes captivating beach reads that I look forward to getting my hands on as summer begins. She brings alive the islands of Nantucket and in this current novel Martha’s Vineyard as well. In The Identicals, Elin Hilderbrand’s most recent summer novel, she creates a world that all readers will want to fall into. Within this novel she combines the two worlds for her main characters, twins Tabitha and Harper, who were separated between their mother and father in their teens to two separate islands only miles apart yet as they grew up they seem to be worlds away.

You have Harper who has grown up with her father on the Vineyard and has struggled to find her footing or place within the island even after all these years. She always feels that she is making the wrong decisions and getting into the wrong relationships.

Tabitha who has been on Nantucket their mother, a strict women who treats children as adults from a young age and has passed this quality on to Tabitha who is now raising a daughter of her own named Ansley. Ansley is a rebellious teen that is facing the struggle between what is right and wrong as she is pulled into being a popular girl. She makes mistakes left and right due to a lack of boundaries.

The passing of their father followed by their mother falling down the stairs forces the sisters back together to handle the sale of their fathers home and on the opposite island keeping their mothers clothing store from closing down.

This is a story of family, forgiveness and coming together to make it thru one turbulent summer.

Happy Reading!

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