The Comfort of Secrets

comfort of secrets


When I find a book that I don’t want to end I always hope and pray that there will be a sequel. Well guess what? Sweet Lake has a second book titled The Comfort of Secrets.

It is a beautiful continuation to the Sweet Lake novels. This second edition follows the growth of Kat’s journey with the growth of the Wayfair Inn. She has recently been promoted to handle the Inn’s marketing as it is transformed back to its former glory when Linnie has finally received the financial investments from her brother Freddie.

Kat has the support of her college friends marketing company that is top notch. This leads Kat to meet Ryan, one of the top marketing specialists from the agency. As their love blooms and they start planning on the future they are confronted with the hidden demons of his mothers past. Julia has been on the run from Ryan’s father for years, which has lead to her paranoia and seclusion as she had disconnected from her family for years.

In a twisty turn of events Julia is forced to let Kat in on the past. As they all discover Julia’s connections to Sweet Lake.

If you loved the first book then you will love this one as well.

Happy Reading!

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