Sweet Romance

Sweet Lake

Sweet lake

Recently I have discovered a new author Christine Nolfi thru connections on Facebook and thru this connection I was introduced to an incredibly series full of hope, family, strength and heart. I love reading a novel that makes you feel as though you are there or gives you a deep connection to the community. This is one of those series that makes you want more the moment you hit the last page. I found myself slowing down so I would not come to the end, knowing full well that once I finished this first book then the second book would soon hit my inbox.

The first novel in this series is Sweet Lake a story that follows the struggles of Linnie Wayfair who has been slowly bring the family business back to fruition after a downfall that not only put the inn dangerously close to shutting its doors, but also caused many local businesses to close as well. She is joined by two of her best friends Jada and Cat who continue to push the business forward as with her as well. Lucky to have two amazing friends by her side she struggles to handle a surprise visit from her estranged brother who was the primary cause of the town’s downfall.

Not only does Linnie have a struggle to bring the inn that she loves back to profit she is also battling privilege and tradition as the first Wayfair’s female in their traceable lineage. The family has always passed down the family’s Wayfair Inn to the male heir. Freddie shows minimal signs of wanting to run the Wayfair Inn yet Linnie his sister has been working to build the inn back to its former glory.

Linnie holds secrets from the town and those closest to her. A secret that could undo all she has accomplished.

A story of work ethic, obligation and family laced with love and the truest of friendships. A romance full of twists and turns that leaves you wanting more from the Wayfair in and the small town of Sweet Lake.


Happy Reading




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