Book Clubs September Reads


Friends, family, coworkers and people who I have connected with thru social media always ask me, how do you find new books to read? The answer is simple. I am part of different book groups on Facebook and follow publishers, authors and other fellow readers on Instagram. Similar to how people look at my pages and find books they are interested in, I do the same!

Over the past few months I have joined two books clubs thru @Instagram that choose a book monthly and then host an online chat to discuss the book at the end of the month. I have loved how this has expanded my community of reader friends, but also introduced me to new authors.

For the month of September @SaltWaterReads selected a new historical fiction novel, The Other Alcott by Elise Hooper @elisehooper. This is Hooper’s debut novel and I have to say she knocked this one out of the park!

The novel follows the path of May Alcott, the sister of author Louisa May Alcott most known for her novel Little Women. May Alcott was an artist who brock thru the norms of what was expected of women of the time by pursuing her studies as an artist. She traveled to Europe numerous times throughout her life training in many different art studios and classes. Any opportunity that was presented to her she took with minimal questions asked.

Elise Hooper was able to bring together the factual time lines and life of May while still adding in a theatrical twist to bring fourth a fabulous read. If you are like me and have always been a fan of the Alcott sisters this is one I would recommend.

I was also luck enough to have the opportunity to meet Elise Hooper and hear her talk about how she came to choose her subject matter and the research she went thru from start to finish. This book discussion took place in May Alcott’s hometown of Concord, MA right down the road from her childhood home Orchard house. If you have a chance to visit the area take it! Then skip on over to Walden Pond as well it is a sight to see. (see image below)


You can pick up a copy of The Other Alcott at your local bookshops or Amazon.

Happy Reading


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