Summer Wrap-Up Part 2

Here is the other half of my Summer reading! This summer has brought a lot of great authors and novels into my life and I am beyond excited to share some more with you!

6: The Light Between Oceans By: M. L. Stedman

            If you are looking for a heart wrenching story of love on how the choices can spiral into horrible and heart breaking situations. Also, shows how resilient children can be when faced with horrible situations. I don’t want to give much away from this story, but if you love romance with some tearful revelations you will love this story.

7: Here’s To Us By: Elin Hilderbrand

            A story of family, love, loss and coming together with the most unlikely people during a hard time. As Deacon Thorpe’s family reunites at his beloved Nantucket beach house many secrets are revealed. Between three wives, three children and a close family friend ban together to deal with a heartbreaking situation and say goodbye to the past and venture into the future.

8: The Other Alcott By: Elise Hooper

            As a Louisa May Alcott fan I was very excited to dive into this novel. A cross between facts and fiction in this historical fiction novel it was a look into the life of sister May. Also a pioneer of her time taking her studies of art and traveling as a single women, in a time when the norm was to be married and be a housewife. Though the time line of this novel takes you thru her life, Elise Hooper was able to also have a little fun filling in the blanks.

If you are an Alcott fan this is one you don’t want to miss this!

9: Odd Birds By: Ian Harding

            A memoir of an actor and what life is like once you are in the spotlight. Ian Harding talks of how he continues to work on his passion for acting as well as rediscovering his passion for birding as well. He is able to share his passion with his friends, family and now his readers. This story holds some strong morals and relatable situations to all of us. If you love hearing reading light biographies and real life stories this is one I would recommend.

10: The Lying Game By: Ruth Ware

            Now this one I was back and fourth on. It started out a little slow for me, but then it picked up quickly. A story of close friends who are at the center of a lie during their school years and come together years later to discover that what three of them thought happened really was not the case. Their childhood game of lying finally catches up with them and they have to make the decision to tell the truth or to continue their lie.


*Still hard to believe that the summer season is gone before our very eyes, but that just means onto the next! Bring on the Fall reading lists and book club choices.

Thank you for Reading with Amy!

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