Summer Wrap-Up Part 1

Summer Wrap-Up Part 1

This summer has been one good read after another! Between the two book clubs I joined thru Instagram, joining Book of the Month Club, and then adding in those wonderful summer reads tables they have a Barnes and Noble my bookshelves have flourished. This will be a general short summary of five of my top reads from my finished pile.

1: The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo By: Taylor Jenkins Reid

           A gossip magazine and website writer Monique, who is not well known is requested to do an article about Evelyn Hugo, an old Hollywood actress who has remained incredibly hidden for many years. She is coming forward to auction off some of her most well known dresses that she had worn to awards shows, premieres and movies throughout her illustrious career.

What Monique does not know is that she is about to take on a lot more then she bargained for. This is a beautiful story of love, loss and living without those who meant everything.

2: Rise How a House Built a Family By: Cara Brookins

            A story of how a mother took her life and the lives of her children into her own hands. Cara Brookins gives us a glimpse into how she took a chance and built her family a home from the ground up to create a safe place for them to call home. A story of breaking the mold and doing what everyone said she could not accomplish.

3: Slightly South of Simple By: Kristy Woodson Harvey

            A family comes together as all three sisters need the comfort of their mother as they return home. One pregnant, the second an actress who finally landed a great gig and a third whose husband is deployed overseas leaving her to care for their two young children. As they come together and realize how much they missed their lives together and secrets that had been kept for years are being brought forward.

This book leaves you wanting more and to see what happens next. (The Secret to Southern Charm coming April 2018)

4: The Final Girls By: Riley Sager

            Three women, with three different lives in three completely separate places in their lives. Yet the one thing they have in common is that they are Final Girls. All survivors of different horrible massacres, years apart. Quincy the youngest of the three women has no memories of the night of the massacre that took all of her closet college friends from her.

As things change and spiral out of control Quincy is forced to remember the details of that fatal night.

           5: It’s Always the Husband By: Michele Campbell

            Secrets between three high school roommates go deep. What happens with friends can stay between friends and eat themselves into unhealthy relationships that extend into their adult lives many years later. Secrets, lies and a whole lot of issues hang between these three women

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