Welcome to Reading With Amy

Welcome! Starting this page is something I have been daydreaming about while commuting to my day job (typically two hours each way with traffic) five days a week. This gave me a whole lot of time to think, record my thoughts, and rethink my ideas and debate if this was something I really wanted to take on. All in All I couldn’t think of many reasons not to do this. 

During my early years I was not one to pick up a book or read a book for enjoyment. If it was required, I might read half. If someone recommended a book then I would claim to not have time. Yet one cloudy gray day during my freshmen year in college a spunky outgoing girl down the hall from me told me she had read this incredible book and I needed to read it. Of course I said yes! I wanted to make sure we continued growing our friendship and had something studious to talk about. This is what you do during college right? Well little did I know that this one great book would change my whole mindset when it came to reading for fun The book was My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult (Pre movie deal) I for once in my life couldn’t put it down. That one rainy day changed my world. It opened me up to even more incredible authors and novels that I became lightly addicted to reading whenever I had a spare moment.

Over the past let’s say few years, twelve to be exact, I have continued to enjoy some of my favorite authors who opened me up to the joy and love of reading, as well as discovering more thru the years. I continue to recommend and discuss novels with that college friend and many more of my closest friends as we grow and continue to live our lives. It’s a bond that will never fade and I am beyond thankful that she handed me that book freshman year.

This page is a way for me to reach out to more readers and book lovers who share this passion and love for reading. I am always open to new book recommendations and would love to have some great discussions with everyone as well.

Happy Reading everyone!

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